Ecuador – Comprised of All The Ingredients of an Excellent Tourist Destination


The Republic of Ecuador is a country located in the South American continent. It shares its borders with the Pacific Ocean in the west, Peru on the east and south, and Colombia on the Northern regions. The country is a clear portrait of nature’s wonders and the earliest civilizations of human beings. This is exactly the reason why the country is so famous as a tourist destination all over the world. The main language of Ecuador is Spanish which 94% of the people use. Take any travel destination portfolio, you will find this country to be present in the top 10 spot for sure.

There are plenty of places to see here, for practically any person with any taste, if nature is what you want Ecuador has it, if culture is your best interest the country has that too, if beauty is what you’re looking for, don’t have any doubts about that either, here are some of the most magnificent places the country has to offer. And if you are a food lover, I bet Ecuadorian cuisine and delicacies will mesmerise you and never let you think of leaving Ecuador.

The City of Quito: According to recorded history, this city was born in the year 1534, so there’s no doubt that the region has no less of traditional music, architecture and culture. This legendary city is located 9,350 feet above sea level, which makes it the highest center metropolis in the whole planet. Apart from that the city also has been inducted into the World Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO, because it is one of the oldest living cities that has been best preserved and least altered in the whole South American continent. Wait there’s more; it is also famous for well preserved monuments such as the Carondelet Palace, Basilica del Voto Nacional, Cathedral of Quito, Church of San Francisco, Church of La Compania de Jesus, Church of Santo Domingo, and Church of El Sagrario. Wow that’s a lot of churches, the reason being 80.44% of the whole population of Ecuador are Roman Catholics, and the rest comprises of Protestants and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nonetheless all of them come under the chief sector of Christianity.

The Galapagos Islands: This group of land masses can be defined as heaven on earth for nature lovers. Charles Darwin, the man who wrote the theory of Evolution, came to these Islets on a visit somewhere around the early 1500s, he was so mesmerized by the flora and fauna of the Islets that he got inspiration from them to write the theory. If Mr. Darwin was alive today he would have told you how much this strip of Isles meant to him, and how much you should really put it down as your primary travel destination. These are just two of the famous locations in the glorious country of Ecuador, there are lots and lots more to see here, once you come in, you’ll never have the urge to go back, this right here, is mother nature at her best.


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