ECUADOR: Fresh Lychee Nuts

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Fresh Lychee Nuts Fresh Lychee Nuts

If’ you’ve never seen a fresh lychee nut in your life, you’re in for a treat today. As the mango season closes here in Ecuador, one might think to oneself, “How will I ever be able to wait until next December?!”

But then in waltz’s the incredible fresh Lychee nut:

Fresh Lychee Nuts Up Close Fresh Lychee Nuts Up Close

When I saw fresh Lychee nuts, my first thought was, “OMG! These things look like me on a bad hair day!”

My second thought was , “OMG! These things are so CUTE!  I think we should name them all!!!”

Fresh Lychee Nuts Up Closer Fresh Lychee Nuts Up Closer

This past Saturday, I went to the local outdoor market in the town down the road from me. I saw all kinds of things I had never seen in an outdoor market: quail eggs, hanging bloody fresh meat and you guessed it! Fresh Lychee Nuts!

I had only…

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3 thoughts on “ECUADOR: Fresh Lychee Nuts

  1. Thanks Samantha for this repost! I love what you did artistically with the title of my blog. Adorable! I really appreciate what you did and the traffic on my blog has exploded today with people coming over from your repost. Thanks so much. I have just posted a reblog with the link back to your Go Galapagos site and I hope I plan now to promote you to my friends and followers of Footprints in Ecuador for Galapagos tours as well! Thanks again!

    1. Well, it is a great post on the first hand which I couldn’t resist reblogging! And it has worked out well! I mean people are loving it and commenting and liking this post on Social Media. Keep up the good work! Lets hope to stay in touch and keep promoting each others posts in similar manner! Good day Mary!

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