10 Crazy holiday Ideas for Adventure seekers

People love to take a break out of the daily schedule that they need to follow. Every individual has his own personal choice and wishes to indulge in an activity that he would love to do. Adventure seekers would like to reach out to any part of the world that will give them an opportunity to break all bars and do what they like! Are you fond of adventure and are on a look out for a perfect place you could do something exciting? Here are a few exciting activities that you can enjoy at the most adventurous locations spread across the world.

Visit Zakynthos for a Base Jump

Zakynthos is a well known tourist destination that has a beautiful weather with the stunning picturesque beaches. It is an island that was famous for a smuggling ship that got wrecked here in the year 1983. This is one of the best locations in the world where you could go for a base jump.


Visit Africa to take a Hot Air balloon ride across the Serengeti

The Serengeti in Africa is a well known as a dangerous destination for a holiday. It is a home to a variety of wild animals. Flying in a hot air balloon across this land is something that will thrill you and keep you wanting for more. The uncertainty of the balloon and the danger that is present below is something that will give you a wonderful experience.

Visit the Galapagos Islands for Scuba Diving

The Galapagos Islands, a place that was an inspiration for the scientist Charles Darwin has a lot to offer than the nature that is exhibited here. The entire island is filled with surprise and adventure. The animals living on land as well as in water are still not aware about the fear of humans. Thus, when you are besides them, they take you as a part of themselves. You can go scuba diving into the deep waters and have a life changing experience as you will encounter the friendliest animals on earth. A standard Galapagos Island Tours usually takes you to such places where you will get a chance to go Scuba diving.


Visit Sierra Nevada to skydive across the Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a peaceful fresh water lake situated in Sierra Nevada of the United States. 75% of the lake shed is natural forest land. It was formed years back and is now become one of the favorite tourist attractions in Nevada and California. Skydiving from a high altitude across this peaceful lake will surely add to the joy and the excitement of adventure.

Visit the northwest part of the United States to go White water rafting DOWN TO Lochsa River

Have you been out for a white water rafting? How about rafting in a river that is famous for continuous rafting? The Lochsa River in the Idoha mountain range is a well known destination for white water rafting. You can sway down the river as it takes you miles away from where you first started. There are also many commercial tour operators who offer pre-arranged trips for individuals who are confident to go about rafting on their own.

Lochsa River Rafting

A visit to the Australian Outback region

A simple trip to the Australian Outback can be said to be adventurous. This land is full of dangerous wildlife. It is also said to be extremely hot during the summers and flooding during the rains. If ever you get stuck in this place and find no way to come out of there, help is about hours away. Just a visit to this land will be a thrilling experience as the wildlife, the climate and the geographical factors are the ones that will thrill you.

A visit to Antarctica

Antarctica, the smallest among all the islands that is situated in the southernmost portion of the earth and is known to contain the geographic south-pole is a beautiful place to visit. The ice laden island surrounded by the ocean is also the coldest, windiest and driest continent on planet earth. Visiting this island that is remotely situated with extreme climatic conditions is itself a challenging task.


Visit a Tornado Alley for Storm Chasing

There is no place that is actually called Tornado Alley. It is a name given to the region where there is frequent occurrence of tornados. It has recently become an exciting activity for many. Many people now prefer going storm chasing in order to experience the dangers of this fury of mother earth.

Visit the Canadian Slopes for Heli-Skiing

There could be nothing more adventurous than flying a helicopter to the top of the ice laden mountains and skiing is down saving avalanches and glaciers. It will give you tremendous joy while you are sliding down the mountains in a Helicopter.


Visit Ohio to Soar over 200 feet above the ground at Cedar Point

Cedar point, known as the roller coaster capital of the world contains some of the most amazing roller coaster rides that you might not come across anywhere else in the world. It is a home to about 72 different kinds of rides among which 16 are roller coasters and 4 of them are the ones that are approximately 200 ft above the ground.

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These 10 places are among the best ones where one could visit to experience some of the craziest stuff that you may not have thought about all your life. They will give you an experience to remember all through your life. If you are an adventure lover and are in search of some crazy things to do during the vacation, here it is. You can refer the list given above and visit any of the destinations to make the vacation a memorable one.



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