5 Leading Travel Destinations Of South America

5 Leading Travel Destinations Of South America

South America is a collage of magnificent landscapes with its splendid cascading waterfalls, tropical jungles, desert landscapes and a wide array of mountain ranges. The continent has long enthralled travelers with its vivid picturesque scenery, not to mention its plethora of natural and cultural wonders. The region also plays host to the largest assortment of plant and animal species on earth. This massive continent comprises of thirteen countries, all of which together offer a rich tapestry of varied cultures. No wonder why the region offers an appropriate milieu for a memorable holiday. Be it a trip to Galapagos Islands, a vacation to explore the long lost Inca trail in Machu Picchu, or tour of Quito, you will have plenty of choices to make.

Listed below are five top travel destinations of South America that you should not miss at any cost:


  1. Machu Picchu, Peru: Peru is often rated as the trendiest spots in South America and a personal favorite of the travelling community. But it wouldn’t be a cynosure of many eyes had it not been home to the Incan kingdom of Machu Picchu. Veiled in the lush Peruvian mountains, this magical city remained a secret for ages but is now amongst the continent’s best known archaeological finds. While some travelers chose a deluxe train ride to enjoy the view in comfort, others choose to trek the original Inca Trail.


  1. Galapagos Island: Galapagos is perhaps the perfect abode on earth where man continues to imbibe the unparalleled beauty of Mother Nature. Galapagos Islands holidays that take you to witness the splendor on offer are simply matchless. Be it soaking the sights and sounds of the land, watching animals frolic, fearless of their spectators, from close quarters, enjoying the view of sea lions, catching a glimpse of the penguins, or witnessing the giant turtles, Galapagos Islands vacation packages will let you enjoy all these and more.


  1. Angel Falls: Snuggled within Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, Angel Falls are the highest waterfalls in the world. You can embark on a jungle trek in this region, which is in itself a matchless escapade. You can navigate the grassland, rivers and mountains to take in the spectacular view of beautiful waterfalls and lagoons. Travelers who go deep into the jungle are treated with a close view of the tropical wildlife in the area including monkeys, poison arrow, frogs and orchids.


  1. Amazon Forest: The Amazon River basin is home to the largest tropical rainforest on earth. The belt comprises of a number of ecosystems ranging from natural grassland to marshlands. Even the rainforest is highly adaptable, where tree diversity and structure vary depending upon soil type, nature, drainage, altitude and other aspects.


  1. Quito, Ecuador: Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in South America. Located on Volcano Pichincha’s eastern slopes, this city enjoys a spectacular natural setting. Quito has a favorable spring climate throughout the year. It has been labeled as the “Heritage of Mankind”. The city’s blend of colonial and modern architecture enthralls many tourists. While planning your Galapagos Islands holidays, you can include Quito in your travel itinerary and seek Galapagos Islands travel packages that let you enjoy notable sites of the city such as La Capilla del Hombre, the Church and Convent of St. Francis, El Panecillo, Church of the Society of Jesus and Parque La Carolina.

So the next time you plan a tour of South America, make sure to stopover at these places to enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.



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