Galapagos Travel: The Attractions Of Bartolomé Island

Galapagos-islands_2332103bLocated about a few miles away from the mainland Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands make up a completely different world that one would love to visit. Have you ever imagined a place where you would play along with penguins and sea lion cubs or even see marine iguanas swimming alongside you? A Galapagos Island Tour will take you through all of this. You will not miss a single opportunity to experience the mists of nature. The islands are all covered with amazing natural occurrences, in the form of landscapes, the waters, the flora and the fauna and many more.

One of the most attractive islands among this group of islands is the Bartolomé Island. Named after Lt. David Bartholomew, of the British navy, this island is located towards the east of the Santiago Island. The island is said to be the most visited site among all the other islands in the group and offers a wonderful treat for bird-watchers as the Galapagos Penguins, Galapagos Hawks and the Herons are found here. The island offers two special sites that you can visit. It is the high altitude where you can reach to have a look at the land and sea deep down and the other is the beautiful beaches where you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming.

snorkeling-adventure-big-2The Pinnacle Rock along the beach on the Bartolomé Island is quite famous and is recorded to be the most photographed destinations among all the sites present in the archipelago. It is said that years ago an underwater volcano erupted and caused the lava to spread in the sea water. This caused it to explode and thus gather together to form a huge cone shaped rock. The island is a home to many such formations that make it look like the surface of the moon.

2101717489_57394f175d_z The Pinnacle Rock is located prominently close to the sea and has two beaches, one to the north and the other to the south. Both these beaches are half moon shaped. The beach on the north of the Pinnacle rock is a beautiful place where you can go snorkeling and swimming in the water along with Galapagos Penguins, fishes and sea lions. Whereas the southern beach is a home to larger animals such as the white tipped sharks, the black tipped sharks and the spotted eagle rays.

The Bartolomé Islands like the others in the entire archipelago are a home to many different kinds of plants too. The plants such as tequila and the cacti are found in abundance over these islands. One can not only enjoy the presence of different plants and the animals found here, the Island, as mentioned above, is a beautiful place for photography.

5377676417_054b443f87_zAnother thing that makes this island special is that the Galapagos Penguins, known as the second smallest species of Penguins found across the world are known to have a small colony behind the Pinnacle Rocks on this island. It is thus found to be a special place where not only animals prefer to stay, but people would love to visit.

Like many other islands, this too has a lot to offer. If you are ever planning to travel to the Galapagos Islands, you cannot miss an opportunity to drop in here. The crescent beaches alongside the Pinnacle rock and the be4autiful wildlife that will keep your mind refreshed make this island worth a visit. Make sure you click a lot of photographs that will help you relive your memories of being there. It is indeed a beautiful place where one can surely make it to.

Being a part of the most beautiful and the most desired holiday destinations, the Bartolomé Islands has made its way to be among the best sites present here. There are a number of environmentalists and authors who have already stated that this can be one of the most beautiful sites in all of the Galapagos Islands. What are you waiting for? The island has everything that you are looking out for? Go ahead and book a tour now!



What are the Factors that Differ Scuba Diving from Snorkeling?


Are you an adventure freak and love going out on adventure tours? What are the activities that you have tried until now? Or have you been among the few unfortunate people who have not yet got a chance to visit any such place or indulge in any such activity? Adventure brings in a lot of fun and excitement. There are many things that you can do or many places where you can visit where you will get the actual feel of what it is.


There are very few places in the world where you can experience some of the most memorable adventurous activities. The Galapagos Islands near Ecuador are among those places where nature has contributed highly towards making them attractive. Continue reading What are the Factors that Differ Scuba Diving from Snorkeling?

Galapagos Trip- The Best Attractions of Santa Cruz and Isabela Island

beachesThe Galapagos Islands can be considered as one among the top natural wonders of the World. They hold so much to attract people and compel them to opt for a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Situated a few miles away from the mainland Ecuador, these Islands are home to nature’s most vague flora and fauna that are not found in any other part of the world. If you want to experience some of the most exciting sides of nature, this is the best place where you can spend a holiday amidst nature.

Every island that is a part of this group of islands has its own specialty that makes it a unique place to visit. If we go on talking about these, there would be an endless list of so many exciting things seen here. Along with nature, there are a number of adventurous things that one can take part in. Let us now concentrate on two of the most popular islands, the Santa Cruz Island and the Isabela Island that are famous among the tourists traveling to the Galapagos Islands.

Santa Cruz Island


If you wish to be in the most central position between all the islands, the Santa Cruz Island is the best place you can think of. One among the only four islands that offer accommodation for visitors, this island is the best location to live in as it is easy to connect to every other island from here. Although it is not the largest island among the lot, it offers urban surroundings that make the stay extremely comfortable and commuting to the other islands becomes easier.

The Santa Cruz Islands have beautiful beaches where one can enjoy and also is a home to wildlife that most of the tourists wish to see. It also has the most famous Charles Darwin Research Center that is set up mainly to study the existence of animals and the history of the islands. You will get every minute detail about the nature on the Galapagos Islands here at this centre.

Apart from the wildlife and the Charles Darwin Research Centre, you can also participate in activities such as snorkeling and interacting with the underwater species, surfing over the waters and a walk through the lava tunnels spread across the islands.

Isabela Island


The Isabela Island is known to be the largest among all the islands that are counted among the ones that are present here. This island is a home to a variety of wildlife watching opportunities where you can take a closer look at the world famous Galapagos Tortoises, penguins, Darwin’s Finches, marine iguanas and cormorants. The island is known for the unique geology it holds and the presence of six big volcanoes out of which 1 is still active.

The most famous tourist attractions here are the surface uplifts at Bolivar Channel and Urvina Bay along with the tuff cones at Tagus Coves. This island is also a home to a tortoise breeding center where you will see tiny tortoises moving about. Being a part of the enormous and most beautiful Galapagos Islands, this island too has a range of white sandy beaches and quiet lagoons where one can sit back and relax.

These two islands are only a tiny part of the entire group of islands that can be visited. A complete Galapagos Island Tour package can take one through the deep waters onto the islands that you might have not thought about. Although the Galapagos Islands have a lot to offer, one can be sure of experiencing the most exciting adventures and the beauty of nature over these two mini islands. The Santa Cruz Island being a central island can make commuting to other places easier and the Isabela Island, being the largest has a lot to offer. Thus, a trip to the Galapagos Islands would be useless if you skip these two islands.

A reputed tour operator will never let you miss an opportunity to experience the best. They will make sure that you get all the enjoyment that you may have paid for. Thus, it is usually found that a well planned Galapagos Island Tour always includes these two islands that will give you the best experience of a peaceful tour along with a few adventurous activities.

10 Best Reasons To Travel The Galapagos Islands With Your Family And Kids

The Galapagos Islands, shattered pieces of land that are covered with nature are situated just about 600 miles away from the mainland Ecuador. The natural beauty, the presence of numerous animal and bird species and the regular discovery of newer species has made these islands a major attraction for tourists across the world. Many people wish to travel to the Galapagos Islands mainly to experience the beauty of nature and the various activities that are organized by various tour operators across the islands. The Galapagos Islands are full animals and plants that you may never find anywhere else in the world.

animals of galapagos islands

Every step that you may take over different parts of the islands will introduce you to a rare bird or an animal that you may have never ever seen. Although you may have seen these animals or birds before, these islands will introduce you to an all new species of the same creature. It is this diversity and mysterious nature over the islands that inspired a scientist, Charles Darwin to state his Theory of Evolution. The natural habitat found on the islands is something that usually attracts people to visit the islands for a special Galapagos Island Vacation. What makes the islands a more preferred place other than many others in the world? What are the things that will make the holiday even more exciting for your kids? Are these Islands worth going on a holiday with your family? Let us find the answers for all these questions in the 10 best reasons why you will enjoy a trip to the Galapagos Islands with your family and kids.

Lonesome George
Lonesome George

1. A Close Encounter with Animals: There is no zoo around the world that will let you go so close to an animal as the experience you would have over the Galapagos Islands. The playful Sea Lions, the Blue footed Boobies and the Giant Tortoises are among the animals that you can take a close look at. You will find them living in their natural habitat along with others of their kind. The Sea Lions are very playful and are a great attraction for children.

2125843428_0c24cfc5ac_b2. Contribute in Building a Better Environment: The Galapagos Islands are considered to be an excellent example for a place that has the most well maintained environment. Thus, we come across a number of species that are compatible with the climatic conditions over these islands. Taking your child for a vacation to these islands will help implant a feeling of responsibility for them. It will help make them responsible citizens who will work for the betterment of the environment.

3. An Opportunity to Learn: It is difficult to grasp all that a teacher may teach in class or even if we read it through the textbooks. Seeing something move and experiencing the conditions around will help in better learning since a person will remember things all through his life. It is a good opportunity for your children to learn about different animals and also the environment they are living in.
scubadiving4. The Underwater experience: Like the different attractions over the land, the Galapagos Islands offer a variety of marine life that you can take a look at through snorkeling and diving into the waters. You can take a look at variety of fishes, sharks, sea lions and penguins.

5. Activities for all ages: The Galapagos Islands have different places where a number of different activities are organized. These activities can be selected as per the age and capability. You can prefer staying on the beach while you are with toddlers or simply go out on a scuba diving safari with the adventurous teenagers.

6. A Blend of Cultures: Reading about various cultures is easy and simple. But, have you thought about the excitement that could be felt if you were to experience a new culture? You will come across Quito, the capital city of Ecuador while you are traveling to the Galapagos Islands. It is here that you can take a look at the traditional museums and the ancient culture that is still being followed.


7. You can Reach out there throughout the year: Unlike many other holiday destinations, you can visit the Galapagos Islands anytime during the year. The islands offer you a special attraction during every season. You can reach out to the island at anytime and can still enjoy a fun filled vacation here.

8. It is Easy to Reach there: Although traveling to an island may seem to be difficult, it is not that difficult to reach the Galapagos Islands. You will need to take a flight to Quito. If you take a flight from here, the Islands are just about two and half hours away from Quito.
ID-100111909. Exploring through Cruises: There are a number of tour operators that offer special Galapagos Island Cruises that take you across different parts of the islands. Unless you are feeling seasick, you will enjoy exploring the islands through these beautiful relaxing cruises.

10. Avail Discounts for Kids: We all know that these islands are surely not a cheap place to explore. You will have to shell out some more money while you prefer the Galapagos Islands as a better holiday destination. Many tour operators usually offer special discounts for kids. This will give you a great chance to take your kids out on an adventurous, educational and exciting vacation at a much lower cost.

We now know that the Galapagos Islands are not just a holiday destination where we can go to relax or simply enjoy, but it is a place that introduces to a new part of the world. Since it has so many things to offer, you have a wide range of places and activities to choose from. There is no teacher who can teach “NATURE” better than these beautiful Islands.


An Encounter with the Flightless Bird at Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, a part of Ecuador that lies in the waters, is the most famous holiday destination in the world. It is known for the natural beauty, conserved environment and the undiscovered species that lie under the thick forest covers. People have been visiting here mainly to take a look at the scenic beauty, the animals and birds and the different adventurous activities that are organized here. Although a Galapagos Island Tour is thought to be an expensive one, the memorable experience that you will get is worth paying for.


Since these islands are known to be a home of wide range of species that may not be found anywhere else in the world, scientists and research people find this place to be the best to study the existence and the life of different species. Once, Dr. Gustavo Jimenez along with a team from the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park went on an excursion to observe the flightless birds living here.

As they entered the rocky shore of the island, they came across a number of Galapagos Penguins. A few approached them cautiously, a few jumped into the water and the others were behaving quite indifferent with the presence of human beings around them. The team began the journey through Santa Cruz and then to Isabela.


While the team was searching around the coastline cover with lava, they came across penguin nests that had eggs, chicks and even adults. This was a pleasing sight as they were happy to see a number of penguins are still seen around. This was due to the favorable climatic conditions that kept the water cool enough to be a home for the sardines, the main food for penguins. The team then moved on to the Marielas Islands which is located off the west coast of Isabela. This island is known to have the maximum number of penguins found across Galapagos. In order to check the size, weight and population, each penguin was caught individually and tagged so as to maintain the population count. The team caught around 78 penguins out of which 37 were already tagged.


The next plan was to catch and record the existence of Flightless Cormorants. The team visited about three colonies across Punta Espinoza and Fernandina where they were to carry out the similar catch and release activity like they did for the penguins. They caught about 48 Flightless cormorants out of which only 9 were not tagged previously. This was alarming as the team observed that there was a very low population growth in these flightless birds.

The Galapagos Islands are frequently visited by such groups to make sure that the species are safe and the environment is kept favorable for them to live in. Since it is the best place to have a closer look at nature and different creatures, the Galapagos Islands can prove to be a wonderful holiday destination for those who would want to experience it. For all those who are interested in spending a vacation amidst nature, with fun and adventure and also a little educational stuff, the Galapagos Island vacation package is the best that will suit you and your needs!

List 10 of newly discovered species you didn’t Know Exist

We all know that there are varieties of animals, birds and plants that are found across the world. It has been centuries after the world actually came into existence and the first living being was formed. Ever since the first time a living thing wobbled around, there have been a lot of changes in the way things have been looking and the way they are today. There are a number of living things that have come into existence in all these years. We also know that a lot of them have become extinct leaving behind traces to show that they ever existed on planet earth. Years and centuries passed by and still there are lot more species of animals being discovered in different parts of the world. Let us take a look at a few recently discovered species that you might have never heard about before.

  1. Caprellidae (Skeleton Shrimps)                                                                        The Caprellidae belong to the family of amphipods and are commonly known as Skeleton Shrimps. As the name states, these are thin string like structure beings that cannot be distinguished when they are hidden among the seaweeds. Since they are said to virtually disappear, they are also known as the ghost shrimps. It was discovered among the various specimens collected from the cave on the island of Santa Catalina near the southern coast of California.

''Pariambus typicus''

2. Olinguito

The Olinguito is known as the smallest member of the raccoon family. It is known as a secretive tree living carnivore that is the first carnivore to be discovered in the western hemisphere in the past 35 years. There is an Oliguito present at the Tandayapa Bird Lodge, Ecuador that has been a species that is said to be a mixture of a raccoon and a teddy bear. Since this animal thoroughly depends on the cloud forest habitat, deforestation has proved to be a threat. You may grab a rare opportunity of spotting them while on Galapagos Ecuador  jungle tours.


3. Andrill Anemone

The Andrill Anemone is a kind of Anemone that was found clinging to the lower side of the sea ice. Unlike the other anemones, this new species were found living upside down and clinging to the lower portion of the ice in Antarctica. These pale yellow bodies were found clinging to the ice while their two dozen tentacles were found dangling in the water below.

4. Domed Land Snail

The Domed Land Snail is a snail that actually does not have the shell pigmentation and hence you will find just a transparent shell like structure around it. These snails were found in complete darkness about 3,000 feet below the surface in the Lukina Jama-Trojana caves in western Croatia. These snails are used to live in the dark and hence they do not have eyes.


5. Amoeboid Protist

This is a single celled organism that is considered to be a giant among the other single celled organisms that are found. This is because although it has a single cell, its size measures up to 4 to 5 centimeters. They were first discovered in underwater caves that are present miles away from the southeast coast of Spain.

6. Orange Penicillium

The Orange Penicillium also known as the Penicillium vanoranjei in scientific terms is a type of a fungus that was first discovered in the soil in Tunisia. It is distinguished from the other fungi due to the bright orange color that it displays while in the colonies.

Orange Penicillium2

7. Kaweesak’s Dragon Tree

This is a 12 meter tall tree that is found in the Limestone Mountain region in Loei and Lop Buri areas in Thailand. This tree has long and soft sword like leaves with white edges. This tree has cream colored flowers with bright orange filaments.

8. Leaf Tailed Gecko

A leaf tailed gecko is a lizard like animal that has a short tail shaped like a leaf. This species is said to be endemic to Madagascar, i.e. it is found only there and in no other place in the world. It is not an easy task to spot a leaf tailed Gecko as it has a sleek body with large eyes and a color that can help it to blend with the surroundings. It is usually found in the rainforests and rocky regions. Since, only a few leaf tailed geckos could actually be spotted, it is considered to be a rare species.


Tinkerbell Fairyfly

The Tinkerbell Fairyfly which is known to be counted among the smallest insects is just about 250 micrometers small. This species has been seen as an addition to the 1400 or so already known species of the family. The Tinkerbell fairyfly was found at the LaSelva Biological Station in Costa Rica.


The discovery of these new species has given us a hope that this is not the end! There is a lot more that nature can offer us with. Change in climatic conditions and the evolution in various present species has been bringing about changes and discovery of many such species. Keep an eye on all that you see! You never know it may just move and that could be a new discovery for the world to know!


Why Galapagos’ wildlife delight tourist?

The Galapagos Islands, located just a few miles away from the mainland of Ecuador is known for the wildlife and the variety of plants seen there. It is this scenic beauty that is mainly responsible for the great naturalist, Charles Darwin to state the theory of Evolution. There are a number of things that further to contribute to make this group of islands a favorite holiday destination for adventure enthusiasts. The different species of flora and fauna, many among which are still are not discovered make them a unique place where you will be introduced to a completely new world of nature.

Galapagos Island

Apart from the natural beauty found on these islands, there are a number of adventurous sports that has been another reason for which people prefer Galapagos Islands tours. The encounter with various animals and birds such as the marine and the land iguanas, the giant tortoises, the blue-footed and the red-footed boobies and many more that are still undiscovered is what is attracting people to come to this place.

animals of galapagos islands

The tour agents at Galapagos also offer a variety of exciting activities such as snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, kayaking and many more that you can select from. These activities are organized to give you a lifetime experience that you would never get an opportunity to experience. Concentrating on the wildlife that is known to be the main attraction for tourists here, we could just think about the various animals, plants or even birds that are being discovered in recent times.

Snorkeling in galapagos islands
Snorkeling in the Galapagos islands islands

A well arranged Galapagos Island Tour will take you across the islands that have a lot to offer. You are given the opportunity to take a closer look into the lives of these never seen before species that will amaze you by the way they live and have fun across the islands. The place is just a perfect blend of land and water, picturesque areas that are best suitable for all adventure sports and activities that are conducted here.







The Galapagos Islands are a place you would surely love to visit. It has got so many reasons to make you smile and experience a memorable tour that will get you introduced to many different things that you might never have experienced and would want to see once in your lifetime. It is truly said “A Galapagos Island Tour is worth the time and the money you put in because you will experience an all together a new world that will never be found elsewhere!”



10 Best ways to be prepared for an Exciting Galapagos Island Tour

No one can deny the fact that a visit to the Galapagos Island is worth the entire amount we might spend to get there. It is a tour that would seem like a dream come true. The overwhelming scene of nature and the welcoming climatic conditions would make up some of those most amazing memories for a lifetime. Have you booked a Galapagos Island Tour for your next holiday? Are you prepared to enjoy all that it offers you? There are many things that you need to be prepared with. Prior preparation will surely take off some time from your daily chores but help you add to the excitement while you are at Galapagos. Let us consider the 10 best ways that you can prepare for an exciting and adventurous Galapagos Island Vacation.

Galapagos islands
Galapagos islands
  1. A good camera: The Galapagos Islands have a lot to offer you. You may come across something that you have never seen and also across something that may resemble something that you have already seen before. The Islands are a home to a number of rare species. You might want to capture all these species and many others in the form of images to keep your memories afresh. A good camera is thus needed while you are out on a Galapagos tour.

camera 2. More film or Memory Space: Simply carrying a camera with not enough memory will no way benefit you. If you are planning to capture each moment you spend over these Islands, you need to have enough memory space that will help you save all the images without deleting the ones that you may have captured before

3. Portable Memory Devices: In case you are not able to find a larger memory for the camera, try carrying along a jump drive that can help you transfer images from the camera on the drive leaving the camera free to click more pictures

4. Carry some necessities: It is a good habit and always beneficial to carry all our necessities while we are out on a tour. The most important things are the prescribed medicines. There is nothing that can replace the medically prescribed medicines. You cannot take a risk of running about searching them. The Galapagos Islands are located quite close to the equator. Therefore, it is a necessity to carry enough sunscreen to protect your skin and a hat to protect your head from the scorching heat of the sun.

5. Extra Cash: The Galapagos Island Tour is usually prepaid. This may include the flight costs, the cruise, all transfers and also food. But, it may not include extra stuff such as drinks that you have or any extra rides that you take. You need to carry extra cash for the extra activities or the foods that you might need. cash6. Carry your own personal mask and snorkel: Snorkeling is a great activity that one could perform at the Galapagos Islands. A number of ships and cruises may provide the best snorkeling equipments. But, there are a few that may provide low quality, unreliable material. Although you may hire fins from a ship, but it is always good to prefer having a personal snorkel rather than using the one that must have been used by someone else.

7. Learn Basics of Snorkeling: One common myth that tourists usually have is that since they know swimming, snorkeling is an easy task for them. It is important to practice snorkeling beforehand. Carry the mask and the snorkel to a nearby pool or a peaceful lake and practice before you begin your Galapagos Tour.

8. Get Scuba Certified: The Galapagos Islands have proved to be the best place where one can go diving. Scuba diving is one such an activity that people would want to experience. If you too are a fan of diving, this is a great reason for you to get scuba certified and dive into the crystal blue waters of Galapagos.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

9. Research about the Island: There has been no instance where a prior research or study about any certain topic has not helped. The naturalist guides at Galapagos are knowledgeable and have in depth knowledge about birds, animals, plants, geology, volcanoes and everything that is found on the islands. It may look like a moving classroom while the guide takes you around along with the other tourists. It is difficult to make note of everything that is spoken at that time. Thus, if you have read something regarding the topic, you can come up with better doubts that will help the fellow tourists too.

10. Purchase a DVD: The Galapagos Islands, though they look like a piece of land, are enormous. They have a wide range of flora and fauna and different types of geographical lands that you can visit. A prior idea about these places will increase the excitement of being there for real. galapagos

These 10 preparatory steps would help us be ready for a memorable Galapagos Island Vacation that will introduce us to a beautiful land of nature and life.  What are you waiting for? Book your tour now and get set to go with all the above mentioned steps. I am sure you would not want to return once you are there amidst the nature.