Top 5 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Galapagos Islands

Ecuador, a well known land of scenic beauty, colonial cities, a wide pacific coastline and the beautiful Galapagos Islands, is one of the most preferred tourist destinations across the world. It is rightly called the “Land of Eternal Spring”. It gives us an opportunity to go deep into nature and experience the most adventurous forms of tours and sports that include the most amazing Galapagos Island Tours.

Galapagos Isalands
Galapagos Isalands

With many people wanting to visit this place, there are a number of tour packages available that would suit each ones interest, needs and budget. Ecuador has a lot to offer in the form of nature, beauty, activity, architecture and adventurous outdoors. With the most welcoming environment of this Spanish speaking country that makes us of the US Dollar as its currency, there is no difficulty in availing transportation within this beautiful scenic place. The most important 5 things that you cannot afford to miss while you are out on an Ecuador Tour.

1. Nature

This is the most important factor that the country is known for. With a part of the great Amazon Rain Forests being present here, you would find a variety of species of flora and fauna that would not be found anywhere else in the world. The well known Galapagos Island tour begins from here. These islands have unique species of plants and animals among which a few are recently discovered. Whether it is a Galapagos Island Holiday Tour that you have preferred, or a single day trip, these islands have a lot to offer to make your trip a memorable one.



Ecuador is a home to one of the most idyllic Beaches known as the one in the town of Montanita. This gives you an opportunity to surf and relax yourself while you get an opportunity to disappear in the laidback rhythms of the beautiful sleepy paradise. This beach is crowned as the best beach in Ecuador where one can enjoy the relaxing climate along with surfing.

Snorkeling in Galapagos Islands
Snorkeling in Galapagos Islands


You would find a wide range of alpaca products such as bracelets, sweaters, blankets and many more. These top quality woven textile products have been protected and promoted ever since the early 1950s. This market takes you through narrow lanes of bright colors and most importantly, makes it easy for you to purchase with the US Dollars you may be having in your pockets.

4. Architectur

Ecuador being surrounded by the enormous Andean Mountains is a home to many historical places and monuments. You will come across many such places while walking across the streets. One among these architectural beauties is the Nueva Cathedral; a landmark built in 1880 and is inspired by the Roman form of architecture. It was being built to be the largest church in South America. But, a few technical errors held it back from reaching this goal. Many such architectural masterpieces are a part of the attraction that Ecuador holds.


5.Outdoor Adventures

There are many destinations in Ecuador that will take you through lush green fields and mountains, plunging waterfalls and the hot springs. One among them is the Banos. One can look up to this place when searching for nature based adventures. There are tours arranged along with us trips that take you through the narrow cliffs and to a height from where you would be able to take a closer look at the waterfalls. These packages also include exciting sports such as bungee jumping that will take you down and back up through the deep green mountain valleys. Banos has a number of natural hot water springs where you can relax yourself after a complete day of adventure.

All these above things and a lot to add into it are waiting for you at Ecuador. The Galapagos Island Tours include the rides through the rain forest that introduces you to a new world of flora and fauna that you might have never seen before. The adventurous sports and rides make your journey even more exciting. The lush green fields and mountains covered with tree tops let you spend your holiday with lot of peace amidst nature. As seen above it also gives us an opportunity to go out shopping and purchase the woven textile articles and the lanes take us through many historical places and monuments as well.


Volcán Reventador 2014 – Orange Alert for 3 Provinces in Ecuador


[Img Source: Flickr by Endless River Adventures]
Due to the start of a new eruptive phase of Reventador volcano in Ecuador, the yellow alert has been changed to Orange alert by IGP (Ecaudor’s Institute of Geophysics). Steady ash emissions along with increased amount of ripples were experienced on 25th March, 2014.

The citizens are advised not to circulate in the surrounding areas. The Orange alert provides release of provincial emergency and the provinces affected includes Napo, Orellana, Sucumbios, and most probably Pichincha.

Reventador (0.07 S, 77.65 W) has erupted more than 25 times since 1541, but the most historic eruption was in 2002. The eruption is said to have caused the volcanic ash raised to a height of 17 kms from the cone affecting around 2 million people!!

ECUADOR: Fresh Lychee Nuts


Footprints In Ecuador

Fresh Lychee Nuts Fresh Lychee Nuts

If’ you’ve never seen a fresh lychee nut in your life, you’re in for a treat today. As the mango season closes here in Ecuador, one might think to oneself, “How will I ever be able to wait until next December?!”

But then in waltz’s the incredible fresh Lychee nut:

Fresh Lychee Nuts Up Close Fresh Lychee Nuts Up Close

When I saw fresh Lychee nuts, my first thought was, “OMG! These things look like me on a bad hair day!”

My second thought was , “OMG! These things are so CUTE!  I think we should name them all!!!”

Fresh Lychee Nuts Up Closer Fresh Lychee Nuts Up Closer

This past Saturday, I went to the local outdoor market in the town down the road from me. I saw all kinds of things I had never seen in an outdoor market: quail eggs, hanging bloody fresh meat and you guessed it! Fresh Lychee Nuts!

I had only…

View original post 537 more words

Find Endemic Species of Monkeys around Amazon Jungle Lodges

We all know that among all the existing and extinct creatures of the earth, the monkeys have the closest and dearest blood relation to human beings. Ever since they came into existence, they have proved to be a boon for the environment too. This can be proved by the way they help in the distribution of seeds and help increase the forests on the earth. Among the total 262 species found across the world, 58 species are found in the Amazon Rain Forest. Though the numbers may seem to be big, it is sad to say that fifty percent of the total monkey species are feared to be extinct. They are now being counted among the most endangered animals on planet earth. Continue reading Find Endemic Species of Monkeys around Amazon Jungle Lodges

Taste the Ecuadorian Voyage in 4 Different Flavors


Ecuador is an amazing country situated in the northwestern part of South American Continent. With the Pacific Ocean outline on the west and pitch green forests on the east, the country has all the smoky elements to attract more number of tourists every year. There are few places that truly amaze you with their eternal beauty. The country is filled with exemplary museums, exquisite churches, exploding volcanoes, tropical rainforest and the greatest of them all The River Amazon. Tourists can truly experience the straddle equator of Mother Earth and her awesomeness. You could take away great travel memories with you when you visit the country. Some of those places are listed below. Continue reading Taste the Ecuadorian Voyage in 4 Different Flavors

Explore the Tren Crucero | Ecuador Highlands to Tropical Coasts


Nature Galapagos & Ecuador talks about its unique travel packages following the facilities that have been made available by Ecuadorian government in the form of Tren Crucero.

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Ecuador | Orchid Capital of the World

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Ecuador is known as the World Capital of Orchids. Reason being the numerous species of Orchids found in the country.

Samantha Sanchez‘s insight:

With around 4,250 Species and 1,301 Endemic Species of Orchids found all around the land mass of Ecuador republic as well as The Galapagos, the country is considered to be the Orchid Capital of the World



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[ Gallery ] – Exotic Ecuadorian Food | Visual Treat

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Ecuadorian Food Love
Ecuador is known for cultural and natural varieties. Most of all, the food and delicacies served here are simply out of the world. This post includes images of some favorite dishes, the world appreciates….

Know more about:

  • Cuy – Guinea Pig
  • Caldo de patas – Cow’s Foot Soup
  • Tripa Mishqui – Chunchullo
  • Fanesca – The Bean Soup
  • Chontacuro – Worm
  • Yaguarlocro – The lamb dish
  • Chicha – The Corn Beer

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