Taste the Ecuadorian Voyage in 4 Different Flavors


Ecuador is an amazing country situated in the northwestern part of South American Continent. With the Pacific Ocean outline on the west and pitch green forests on the east, the country has all the smoky elements to attract more number of tourists every year. There are few places that truly amaze you with their eternal beauty. The country is filled with exemplary museums, exquisite churches, exploding volcanoes, tropical rainforest and the greatest of them all The River Amazon. Tourists can truly experience the straddle equator of Mother Earth and her awesomeness. You could take away great travel memories with you when you visit the country. Some of those places are listed below. Continue reading Taste the Ecuadorian Voyage in 4 Different Flavors


[ Gallery ] – Exotic Ecuadorian Food | Visual Treat

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Ecuadorian Food Love
Ecuador is known for cultural and natural varieties. Most of all, the food and delicacies served here are simply out of the world. This post includes images of some favorite dishes, the world appreciates….

Know more about:

  • Cuy – Guinea Pig
  • Caldo de patas – Cow’s Foot Soup
  • Tripa Mishqui – Chunchullo
  • Fanesca – The Bean Soup
  • Chontacuro – Worm
  • Yaguarlocro – The lamb dish
  • Chicha – The Corn Beer

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The Republic of Ecuador is a country located in the South American continent. It shares its borders with the Pacific Ocean in the west, Peru on the east and south, and Colombia on the Northern regions. The country is a clear portrait of nature‚Äôs wonders and the earliest civilizations of human beings. This is exactly the reason why the country is so famous as a tourist destination all over the world. The main language of Ecuador is Spanish which 94% of the people use. Take any travel destination portfolio, you will find this country to be present in the top 10 spot for sure. Continue reading Ecuador – Comprised of All The Ingredients of an Excellent Tourist Destination